If data is what your company requires, we have both real time and aged data to fit your needs & budget. With millions of TRUE opt-in records generated weekly, we have what you need!

Our lead solutions are second to none and are tailored to meet your goals and budget to help “Build” your company to new levels! Work with a partner that cares about your success.

With our top of the line products, systems, and dedicated staff, we are prepared to PARTNER with every company, any size, in order to take you to “elite” status.

We know that finding the right marketing partner can be overwhelming, considering every dollar counts….rest assure, EMG is the missing piece to building your success.

Elite Marketing Group – Experts in the business of direct marketing campaigns.
Elite Marketing Group is a COMMITTED direct marketing firm founded on a rock solid base of years of experience “building and managing ” used in direct marketing campaigns. Our primary principle of providing true quality leads with great customer service is never taken lightly – as a full service marketing firm, and as a partner to our customers, our direct marketing experts are always happy to go the extra mile for you! The three managing partners have all run their own retail companies over the years and have learned the hard way on how to provide you with the best “Solutions” available, making your campaign a success!

What makes Elite Marketing Group different?

Some lead brokers and direct marketing companies seem to concentrate more on making a quick sale, rather than taking the time to fully understand their customers’ specific marketing campaign requirements, and usually never focus on the long term relationship. EMG always takes the extra effort to comprehend the marketing plans of the businesses and organizations that we work with. We are able to provide and develop a marketing strategy and Solution that will produce much better results for you by understanding your specific needs.

EMG also makes the extra effort to provide our products and services within your exact budget. We know that direct marketing campaigns can be quite expensive… at EMG, we strive to provide our customers with the absolute best Solution to help make the process and your return on investment the very best!

If you need a solution, or even just a change of pace for marketing, let EMG handle it all!